You Are Not Alone!!!

Leaving the armed forces can be a daunting and a stressful time for some or even most of service leavers. At times, it would feel like you are all alone fighting and battling with the thoughts of leaving the military, where to live, what to do, not having had an interview for a while, rejections after interviews and the list goes on. If you are still in and currently in

resettlement or thinking about life after the military, then this is for you and it does not have to be a stressful one neither do you have to face it alone. There is help out there from well placed individuals to hardworking charities and organisations who are providing services and training/pathways for service leavers to gain meaningful and successful second careers.

Here are a few organisations that provide training for service leavers and veterans alike. There's a whole lot more, but will focus on a few at a time. So if you thinking of starting a career or continue to build on your prior knowledge in Tech, then this would be more appropriate for you. Will dwell on other sectors in the next coming articles.

AWS re-Start Course

This is a course provided by Amazon Web Services which is now run over 12 weeks. AWS provides classroom-based(online for now) skills development and training programme to prepare individuals for careers in the cloud and to connect them with potential employers through partner companies. Probably good to do the course whilst still in as you still getting paid from the military. If you prepare and do your research well, learn as much as you can during the training and use all the help and advice you can get from AWS team, network and recent graduates of the course, you should be able to gain that much needed paid work placement at the end of the training. Had recently written an article about my thoughts and lessons learnt so hopefully it helps.


Salesforce is also a cloud computing service company specializing in Customer Relationship Management software. They are also committed to train, upskill service leavers, veterans, spouses and then provide networking and employment opportunities with their partner companies. The program is known as the Trailhead Military programme in which you get to train online for free after registration and verification. Once you finish these courses online, you get given a voucher to attend training in person at one of their training partners offices before sitting the exams with recognised certifications all for FREE. This could be another avenue you can look into if you want to launch a career in Tech. Once you are in the programme, you can also network with former military personnel who are also currently in the program and those that have been through who can assist if you run into any issues.


As their Mission rightfully says - "Bridging the gap between employers and ex-military jobseekers". This is an organisation that can help support you in your transition by providing 1-2-1 careers advice, help with your CV and they even offer free Cyber courses which can look good on your CV and which you can do during your resettlement period. During this pandemic, they are holding webinars and discussion online in their youtube channel which you can join or even subscribe to for future sessions. Have a look at their website or get in touch if you are in need of some help.

Forces Transition Group

The Forces Transition Group are made up of ex-Armed Forces personnel and you can be rest assured that they fully understand the situation you are in as they have been through the process and can relate to the struggles you might be facing. They provide assistance well before you leave the forces so if you are still in, make sure you click on the link above and get in touch with them. They can help you with CV writing, getting your LinkedIn profile/account sorted and all the help needed to match you with the right future employer. Important thing to note is that you decide what you want to do. They are there for support and help when and if you need it. If you have not, would highly recommend connecting with John Stephenson on LinkedIn. I have even been in touch with John to help me out with my CV so there you go.

FDM Group

FDM Group provide career opportunities for graduates, returners to work, internships, placements and also an ex-forces programme. There are 2 routes you can apply for - Traditional Route targeting Junior Ex-Forces personnel and the Advanced Route for the more experienced in managing projects. You will need to pass the interview and assessments to be able to get into the programme which can lead to the many career opportunities available after your training. For more information, you can click on link and have a read or get in touch with the team who are mostly made up of former military personnel.


TechVets is an organisation that provides a bridge for veterans and service leavers into Cyber and Technology careers. This comes through their online community consisting of established and experienced veterans who can provide knowledge, advice, help and networking opportunities which you can make use when going through your transition journey. There's also the Veterans' Digital Cyber Academy which enables veterans from any background to learn and develop their skills through hands-on experience and get recognised by employers. The Academy is powered by Immersive Labs. The team is also made up of former Military personnel so if you want to get into cyber or tech roles, start early whilst still in and register with TechVets.

Crucial Academy

Crucial Academy is a company also run by former military personnel and provide a military programme designed to enhance existing or develop new skills with globally accredited qualifications to ultimately provide a pathway to a new career in cyber security. This programme is available for service leavers, veterans who have left in the last 2 years or spouses of either who have an interest in cyber. The training and qualifications are provided for free if you meet the criteria. If you want to know more, click on the link and have a read.

Forces Cyber Pathways

Forces Cyber Pathways runs the Digital Military Development Programme which is designed to provide a range of digital training solutions to equip veteran apprentices with skills to operate in a number of digital fields. The programme is funded through the apprenticeship levy and you will need to go through a few screening, telephone, face to face interviews, assessment and work trial before beginning the apprenticeship with the organisation which can then lead to a permanent role. For more information or if you are interested, click on the link above and register or get in touch.

The above are just a few companies that provide assistance and re-skilling training programmes for veterans, service leavers and including spouses which can boost your chances of gaining that much needed second career. Rather than fighting your transition battles and struggling alone, get in touch. Whether it be the organisations above, any other organisations out there or someone in your network who can point you in the right direction or just offer useful advice which can in turn help you achieve your goal of securing and kickstarting your civilian role.

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